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Fees Structure

FEES Structure 2016-17

S.No. Class Registration Fee
(Only for New Student)
(Only for New Student)
Tuition Fee
(I to V) Term
1 Nur to Prep 200 0 1500x5=7500
2 I to V 200 3000 2800x5=14000
3 VI to VIII 200 4000 4000x5=20000
4 IX to X 200 5000 6400x5=32000
5 XI to XII 200 5000 9500x5=47500 (Sci)
8000x5=40000 (Com.)

* Admission Fee will be charged for new students separately.
* Bus Fee will be according route
* If hostel fee I Term and Bus fee all term are deposited then 10% discount will be given for tuition fee before 15th May 2016
* School ,Hostel Uniform, Books Charges will be separately.
* Deposit fee will not be refundable or adjustable.

Managing Director